Why I Moved Out From Ru**a?

Michael Myers
2 min readNov 8, 2022


I lived in Russia for 21 years. In September 2022 I get out and I’m free now. Why do I leaved? There are a couple of reasons.

Next in the article, I will say “They”, which means government.


You are living, paying taxes and for some reason, there is nothing happened. People are still poor and salaries going down.

They are building useless buildings for young people who will take a mortgage. But why? Who will buy these carton boxes I have no idea. So yeah, the main problem is broke people and a stupid government.


People are angry. I have a YouTube channel and filming something is my hobby. When I’m filming in Russia and no God I’ll shoot someone they will ask “why did you shoot me?” And the answer is always “I’m shooting myself”. This is kind of annoying you know.


I would like to start a business. But what is a business in Russia? It’s scary to own it because one day you can lose it. Just because one “smart” grandpa started a war.


There is a lot of corruption. Like it is everywhere. All government structures are corrupted. If you go over the speed limit and a policeman stops you. You can give him (or he will ask you) some amount of money and that’s okay. I don’t like this at all.


War is not cool. Especially in 21th century. In the century of high technology. And the war for what? And with who? With mentally close people. With people with a similar history. And one time that was the same government.

But Ukraine started a way to be an European country and someone don’t like it.

People support the war. They print the Z and the V signs and put them on their car, t-shirts, hats, and everywhere.

I do not support the war and I was shocked when I saw that.


They hate everyone on TV. They said that Russia is a rich country and we need to reunite our nationality to be strong. It’s bullshit.

In school, pre-school they said that you need to die for your home. And the question , why is this information for kids? I think it’s better to teach them someone new, show the world, how people live in other countries. To do everything they can think wide.


The Russian army is pooped over. And they need a new “meat”. People from 18–60 will need to die for this government. But for what? Why do these people need to die? Nobody knows. Only one group of people knows why.


Power for Ukrainian people. Be safe, be free, be strong.

I hope Russia will be a democratic and free country some day.

Win for Ukraine.

Слава Украiнi! Героям Слава!



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