Being a freelancer or office worker?

Michael Myers
4 min readJan 11, 2022


Is it really effective to have a full-time job and right after the job completing orders on freelance? What about a personal life and other activities like sport, hangout with friends and just chill alone. Let’s talk about it.


How I started

I started my freelance way in 2020. When pandemic just started I had an idea to continue learning Web Development. I had some knowledge from a college. We had Web Development and Design classes. It helped me and I’m so happy I had a good professors in a college. The most pros of freelance is that you can get a lot of useful information and will be only plus when you wish to find a job. For example, you can understand people that understand nothing in you major. Another plus is working in different languages. You can do projects for people from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe, like all over the world. I did a website for a guy from Canada. He ordered a website about stanchions. If you know more pros of freelancing, let me know in the comments.

After that I got some more orders. I have 5 completed orders at this moment. I have not many services now as I had before got a job. My services now is creating websites using CMS like WordPress, Shopify or using web builders such as Webflow and Squarespace. In super rare cases I can got HTML, CSS order.

I got a job in October and continued do freelancing. It was not so hard. I did project on freelance at the morning & evening after full-time job. Today I got another not an order but it seems to be an order soon.

What to choose? Freelance or office?

That’s the main question. I can’t answer like you need to work in office or to go to freelance, nah. You need to try both and make a decision. What do you like more? That’s a question you need to answer. Do you prefer working on a boss with a good people around you? Or maybe do you prefer working alone where you are a manager, designer, developer all rolled into one. By the way you can mix it as me do.

Benefits of working in office

First things first is working in office is a good for people who like communication. You have a lot of smart people around you. I had 5 backend guys in a room, there are 6 computers. That means I was the only one frontend guy in a room. Every guy have a unique information and experience. Just think about it. The second benefit is a kitchen where everyday you can find snacks, milk, water, etc. The third benefit of working in office is table tennis. I’m not sure all companies have it. But maybe your company has a pool table. The fourth benefit is library. In our company we can take a book from the library and take it home and read it everywhere we need to. I think it’s super cool.

Benefits of working freelance

Freelance is a freedom. Yes and no. Freelance meaning you will be alone and you can’t cancel an order without rating impact. The first benefit is a work schedule. You can work 2 hours a day or 12 hours a day. You can wake up in 5 AM or in 2 PM. You are the boss of your work. The second benefit is interesting projects. You will have a customers from all over the world with different requests from pet house to divorce calculator. I’m saying about website creation. All I can say is just do want you really like.

Working freelance and at home really effective?

This is the main question of this article. Is it effective? I think yes. You can earn up to 2x minimum, having good projects, meet awesome people (sometimes not so awesome). But you will take more time just working. You will work at full-time job and work right after it. It’s hard if you will do it every day. I’m spending 2 hours per day on a freelance and at this moment it works well. I will say later how it goes. Stay tuned!



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